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Welcome to the website that features all the local businesses - big or small. Just a tap on your mobile is all you need to find the nearest car service, the best accountant or the most up-to-date information or menu. We even have pictures of their available services and geolocation of the nearest route. With an Internet connection you can browse the ShopSearch Website. It's easy to look through available services, business reviews and ratings and read about other people's experiences. When you open up ShopSearch's home page, chances are the site will recognize the nearest major city or town to which you live and display popular locations and highlighted reviews. For instance, if you're accessing ShopSearch from Subang Jaya, you'll probably open up pages from Subang and the nearby area when you type in the regular address. But you can't write your own reviews or follow others if you don't first sign up for, and manage, a personal account. Signing up for a ShopSearch account is basically like signing up for most other social networking Web sites -- to create a profile, the site needs your first and last name, your e-mail address, a password for logging in and, if you live in the Malaysia. ShopSearch will have the most complete up-to-date information for you wherever you are and whenever you need them.

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Currently, Malaysian has 1.42 mobile phone per person and mobile searches are increasingly more than desktop. Therefore, you must ensure that consumers are able to find your business wherever and whenever they need your service. Welcome to the website that gives local business owners the tools to promote their business online and where local consumers go to learn about businesses in their area while finding great deals. is a privately owned company based in Kuala Lumpur. The creators of have owned local neighborhood businesses and can relate to the constant challenges that local businesses face in finding new and innovative ways to spread the word about their business in a constant competitive environment and to bridge the information gap between them and the local consumer by posting local business information on consumer based sites such as search engines, online classifieds and local oriented sites.